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Learning how to successfully obtain any child support owed

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2017 | Child Support |

Most spouses are embroiled in nasty divorce cases once relations have worsened beyond pair. In such situations, partners engage in several court battles with the sole purpose of retaining child custody. The child’s wellbeing is the most important factor to consider, despite the constant bickering witnessed by feuding spouses. Once the dust has settled, and child custody has been awarded, parents need to develop a comprehensive plan that outlines child support mechanisms. In Florida, the law clearly stipulates that both parents need to be involved in the child support modification process to promote their wellbeing.

Despite the presence of a precedent formula for child support in Florida, several factors can determine the amount of child support payable. Factors such as family lifestyle, both spouses’ income and the financial needs of the child need to be taken into consideration. Once such factors have been considered, the presiding judge is tasked with setting the monthly payments payable by a spouse. Additionally, such payments should also cover the medical expenseds incurred when the child falls sick.

As a divorcing spouse, you must get in touch with a specialized attorney for adequate representation and other essential legal services. Such legal experts will accurately assess your family’s income and determine your ability to pay child support. By hiring them, they will go above and beyond to use the law in your favor. More importantly, they will present favorable evidence to the presiding judge for consideration when issuing the final verdict.

Backed by decades of experience, your attorney can help you understand the specific child support laws, and safeguard your custodial parental rights and those of your child. Having reached an amicable agreement, spouses need to discuss the nitty-gritty associated with the parental plan. Issues such as visitation rights, type of school selected for enrollment and religion to be practiced need to be discussed in detail.

Apart from meeting the health care needs of the child, both spouses may need to pitch in to support their child’s extra-curricular activities. Despite common belief, the buck doesn’t stop by simply meeting the financial obligation. Your support in their hobbies can positively contribute to their emotional development and their interactions with other children. The post-divorce modification process should be a smooth process, as opposed to a feuding battle.