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Schedule-related concerns for doctors in divorces

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2017 | Alimony/Spousal Support |

Some professionals have fairly run-of-the-mill work schedules, while others do not. Doctors tend to fall into the latter category. Physicians can have a very demanding and unpredictable work schedule. This can raise special issues for a doctor when they are getting divorced.

Long and unusual hours are one of the many things that can make being a doctor a particularly stressful occupation. With so much work stress, the idea of facing a lot of divorce-related stress can be a daunting one for a physician. So, while keeping the stress of a divorce down as much as possible is a common goal for many divorcing individuals, it can be a particularly big concern for doctors.

Their work schedule can also raise special child custody issues for doctors in a divorce. The unpredictable work hours of doctors can make it so more traditional child custody setups might not be a good fit for them and their family. More creative solutions may be needed to find the right child custody arrangement for their situation.

Another thing a doctor may be concerned about in connection to their work schedule when getting divorced is how their demanding schedule will affect their ability to address the major issues in their divorce as they come up.

How these scheduling-related concerns are addressed during a divorce can have major ramifications for a doctor. So, how well-tailored the legal advice a doctor receives when getting divorced is to their unique situation (including their unique work schedule) can matter considerably.

Our firm has a strong awareness of the special legal needs and concerns doctors can have during the divorce process. We are committed to providing the doctors and other medical professionals we represent in divorce proceedings with the tailored legal guidance they need.