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When to relocate with your child

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2017 | Firm News |

In some situations, a Florida parent who divorces their spouse and has primary custody of the child may feel like their current location is no longer right for them. Though issues of visitation rights make it difficult for a person to relocate for any reason at all, there are plenty of court-approved reasons for a parent and child to move elsewhere.

The American Bar Association states that the child’s well-being and opportunities are the first thing considered in any decision to relocate. If a parent feels that their child will get better opportunities elsewhere – whether they are scholastic, social or economic opportunities – then that might be a good sign that it’s time to consider relocating. This can go for both shorter term issues like simply getting into a better schooling district, or longer term issues like moving into a town that has more potential career opportunities. Generally speaking, if the child’s quality of life will improve with a move, it may be approved by the courts.

Another potential relocation reason also has to do with the quality of a child’s life, and how it can be improved. After a divorce, it can be difficult for a parent to stand on their feet again, financially speaking. Even with the additional help of child support payments, there is often times no comparing a single-parent lifestyle to the sort of lifestyle that a household with two earning parents could afford to live. For this reason, relocation may be considered if a parent cannot maintain the same style of living for their child. Moving in with relatives and other family members may be necessary to keep the child in a comfortable living situation.

Relocation can be difficult after a divorce. However, every parent wants their child to have a good life full of opportunities, and the court will aid in making that happen.