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Many of America’s ‘divorcee capitals’ in Florida

On Behalf of | May 13, 2017 | Alimony/Spousal Support |

Going through a divorce is something many people in the U.S. have experienced. There are some U.S. cities in which individuals who have experienced divorce make up a particularly high percentage of the population.

A recent analysis came up with a list of 77 divorcee capitals in the United States. These cities were ranked based on the percentage of divorced people in their population. All of the cities on this list had at least 10,000 divorced individuals in them.

Florida had more cities on this list than any other state. Specifically, 14 of the state’s cities made the list. This is twice as many as the next closest state, which was Ohio (it had seven cities on the list).

Florida also topped all other states when it came to number of cities that cracked the top 25 for divorcee capitals. Six Florida cities were in the top 25: St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Miami Beach, Tamarac, Melbourne and Largo. Once again, Ohio came in the next spot with four cities in the top 25.

The highest ranked Florida city on the list was Largo. It was ranked the No. 2 divorcee capital in the country, with 17.7 percent of its population being divorced. The only city on the list with a higher percentage of divorced individuals was Anderson, Indiana.

So, it appears that, in many communities here in Florida, having been in a divorce is a particularly common experience among residents. Certain unique concerns and issues can come up for divorced individuals. For example, special legal issues can arise for them following their divorce. This includes issues regarding the enforcement or modification of court orders that came out their divorce, such as alimony orders or child support orders. When a modification/enforcement issue or other family law issue comes up for a divorced individual, they may want to meet with a skilled family law attorney to discuss the issue and develop an approach for addressing it.

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