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Spousal support issues for primary wage-earners

On Behalf of | May 25, 2017 | Alimony/Spousal Support |

People can have many roles in a marriage. The roles that a person has in their marriage are among the things that can influence the outcome of a divorce. For example, in some marriages, if one individual serves as the primary wage-earner, he or she may have significant financial worries during a divorce. This includes worries about what will happen to their business or other assets. They may also  worry about how much of their income will actually end up going to the other spouse after their divorce. If these are concerns that you may have, contact the Law Office of Cheryl Bucker, P.A.

Among the things that can impact how much of their own income a primary wage-earner will be able to enjoy after a divorce is what happens with alimony matters. There could be a possibility such individuals will be ordered to pay monthly support to their ex, and thus have to put some of their income towards providing this support.

So, spousal support proceedings can be a significant divorce matter for a primary wage-earner. In such proceedings, a range of things can impact whether alimony is ordered, how long such support will be ordered to last and what the amount of the support will be.

Given this, when trying to protect one’s future income streams in the face of spousal support proceedings in a Florida divorce, a primary wage-earner may want the assistance of an lawyer with a thorough familiarity with the specifics of Florida alimony law and what it takes to construct strong arguments to support one’s positions in such proceedings.