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Moving on after a gray divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2017 | High Asset Divorce |

Divorcing after 50 may seem like a terrifying prospect. However, you may be better equipped to handle a divorce versus women that are in their twenties or thirties. You have had time to establish yourself financially. In addition, you may also be able to handle the rollercoaster of emotions and mental challenges due to your life experiences.

If you are considering divorce and you are over 50, it is important to remember that it is never too late to start over. Divorce is not an end, it is truly a new beginning. The following tips can help you deal with the trials of starting over after a gray divorce.

Have compassion … for yourself

Do not waste energy holding on to the mistakes you think you made that caused your marriage to end. Moving on means that you will need to forgive yourself so that you can be open to the possibilities that await you.

Build a support system

You may have spent the last thirty years counting on your husband as your support system when things got hard. It is important to take the time to facilitate new relationships so that you have a new support system while you test the waters of your new life. Consider working part-time or volunteering with local organizations to meet new people and build fresh friendships.

Embrace technology

Many people use technology such a social media to stay connected with friends and loved ones. If you have not created a social media account, it is time to jump in feet first! Set up a Facebook page to stay connected with family and friends or create an online dating profile so that you meet new people that share your interests. With the advances in technology, socializing and dating have drastically changed from when you and your husband first began dating.

Take time to heal

The healing process after a divorce is different for everyone. Give yourself the time you need to face the changes and manage your emotions. Whether you join a support group or have private meetings with a therapist, there is really no wrong answer when it comes to overcoming the negative effects of a divorce. The important thing is to do what works for you and your specific circumstances.

Get back out there

Both during and after the divorce process, you may be tempted to hide in your home and binge watch Netflix. Get up, get out and get social! When your sister calls you to come out for a girls’ night to the new margarita bar, slip into that little black dress and get out there. Go to family and social events, even if your ex-husband will be there. While it may seem uncomfortable at first, the more social and active you are, the easier it will become.

If you are facing a gray divorce, it is important to stay positive and face any new challenges head-on. You will be starting a new life where you can put the lessons of the past to good use. Divorce just might open new doors to life’s possibilities that you had not previously considered.