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Child support for teens: where does the money go?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2018 | Child Support |

It’s easy to understand child support for infants and young children, who depend on their parents for almost everything in life. But why is child support necessary for teens? What does this money pay for?

Although teenage children are old enough to have a part-time job, some people still have to pay for their benefit. Adults may dismiss expenses during the teenage years as unnecessary, such as cell phone bills and fashionable clothing. However, child support helps pay for vital life expenses.

Food: Teenagers go through physical changes and may participate in activities that increase their hunger. According to the Baby Center’s calculations, a suburban Florida teen costs $2,350 in annual food expenses on average. Food forms nearly a quarter of their overall financial requirements.

Housing: The online chart also suggests that housing may comprise an even larger portion of the cost to raise a teen. The added expense of a 16-year-old in the home amounts to $3,360 per year.

Education: Older teens might need to pay for their college tuition. To ensure that they do not suffer unfair consequences of their parents’ divorce, child support may cover a portion of tuition. Otherwise, their long-term career and financial plans would evaporate without access to higher education.

Entertainment: Yes, a small amount of child support could pay for Wi-Fi and a smartphone. However, this varies on your agreement and the court’s decision on entertainment expenses.

The state of Florida relies on an equation to determine how much child support a parent must provide. Your attorney can answer additional questions and address your concerns about how this money is used. The goal of these payments is to minimize a divorce’s burden on children; child support is often as indispensable for teens as it is for young kids.