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Keeping kids happy while struggling with divorce: 3 tips

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2018 | Blog |

No parent wants to see their children suffer in any situation, let alone one that the parents decide to bring onto themselves. Divorces are difficult and can result in many negative feelings. These feelings can come out through screaming, arguments or negative discussions.

Even if children are young, this negativity can impact them. Their routines may be disrupted, and they can tell that their parents aren’t together as much as they used to be. Children are highly influenced by the facial expressions and emotions around them, so taking care to understand how to reduce any negative influence is important. Here are a few tips.

1. If you have to argue, don’t do it at home

If you must argue with your spouse, take it outside and away from your children. Better yet, try mediation, so you’re in an enclosed, protected space and can work out your problems without a disagreement dissolving into a fight.

2. Make time for your child

Routines tend to get disrupted during divorce. You may have more people over at the house as support, or you might visit family more often. Although those changes may be things that you need to get through the divorce, your child could struggle. Set aside time for you and your child just to be together, to have nowhere to go and nothing specific to do. Try to stick to your nightly bedtime routines, so your child gets enough rest as well.

3. Reaffirm the importance of your child

On top of spending time with your child, make sure you provide support, love and positive affirmations. Your child needs to know that he or she is still important to you and not the cause for the negative emotions he or she is sensing.

These are a few ways to reduce the stress of a divorce on your children. Keeping them away from conflict can make a positive difference.