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Is the other parent interfering with your time?

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2018 | Alimony/Spousal Support |

When sharing custody or visitation with someone else, it is natural to be concerned with the fairness of your time with your children. Although individual Parenting Plans may vary, child custody and visitation orders set forth your rights as a parent. You deserve to enjoy this time as a family.

So, what happens if the other parent seems to insert themselves into the picture during your allocated time? You might feel that they are infringing on your rights. Before calling your lawyer or retaliating against them, it could be helpful to understand what constitutes interference.

The obvious ways a parent might interfere with your parenting time involve imposing physical obstacles. Showing up at your house or their school during your scheduled time is one possibility. They may constantly call or message your child online or through texts. Withholding your children from transferring to your home can also prevent you from having the time you deserve.

However, a parent may interfere with your parenting time in non-physical ways. They may wrongfully withhold vital information regarding the child’s education or health. The other parent may also force you to use your parenting time for chores and tasks, such as by unnecessarily scheduling medical appointments during your time.

If you believe that the other parent is violating the Parenting Plan, you may call upon the court for help. In Florida, the court may order the other parent to give you extra time with your children to compensate for the time you lost – if you can convince the judge that the other parent broke the agreement. In addition, the judge might force the other parent to take a parenting class, complete community service or pay for your legal fees.