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Could a postnuptial agreement help you stay married?

Many people associate prenuptial agreements with planning to fail in a pending marriage. That negative connotation may also extend to postnuptial agreements. Much like prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements involve couples setting terms for the end of their marriage and outlining marital expectations for one another.

However, it happens after the marriage has taken place. In some cases, a couple married for years or even decades could realize that they need to execute a postnuptial agreement. Believe it or not, these agreements could help you save your marriage if you are struggling right now.

Postnuptial agreements can help people correct bad behaviors

Couples often turn to postnuptial agreements when their marriage has hit a rough spot. Perhaps it is infidelity on the part of one spouse that creates strain on the marriage. It could also be drug or alcohol abuse, or other addictive behaviors, ranging from watching pornography to gambling.

When problematic behaviors start creating issues in the marriage, counseling is obviously a good idea. However, the spouse who isn't struggling with the addiction issues or behavioral problems may need some kind of security in order to move forward in the relationship.

A postnuptial agreement can outline expectations and even create penalties if either spouse fails to uphold those expectations. A couple may commit to counseling, special therapy or other treatments as individuals or as a couple.

A postnuptial agreement can take the mystery out of divorce

Not knowing exactly what to expect in a divorce can lead people to imagine quite fantastic scenarios. Many people even romanticize their future after a divorce, failing to consider the financial realities of the process. They might imagine receiving almost everything because of how their spouse behaves.

Facing the reality of divorce means looking at the financial consequences as well. That can mean seeing the cold numbers related to what half of your marital assets really looks like.

A postnuptial agreement allows you to decide ahead of time how you will handle the division of your assets. When both spouses know exactly what to expect, it is unlikely that either will be motivated by a sense of furtive wishfulness or greed.

A prenuptial agreement can be a reason to recommit to your marriage

If you've been having serious issues but both of you are willing to take extra steps to avoid divorce, such as the negotiation and execution of a postnuptial agreement, that is a sure sign that you have a deep-rooted commitment to one another.

In other words, the process of coming together and reestablishing expectations and terms for your marriage could help you both move forward with a healthier and more positive attitude toward your marriage and one another.

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