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How can I avoid mistakes during my custody case?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2019 | Alimony/Spousal Support |

For divorcing couples in Florida, child custody can be among the most contentious topics. As a result, many parents make serious mistakes during their cases, which can jeopardize their relationship with their kids. Avoiding these common mistakes is essential, and Live About offers the following advice on how you can do just that.

If you frequently discuss the details of your custody legal strategy, it’s best to stop immediately. Doing so can have a real impact on your case if this information makes its way back to your ex-spouse. Even if you don’t have a direct link to the person it’s likely that you share the same social circle. Be sure to keep sensitive information between you and your legal team to avoid possibly damaging your case.

Also, be wary about the words you use to describe your ex in court. Even when justified, bitterness towards your former spouse could paint you in a negative light. Barring instances of abuse or neglect, most courts believe it’s in the best interest of the child to have a healthy and loving relationship with both parents. If you appear unable to parent alongside your former partner, it could play a role in the judge’s decision-making process.

In the same token, try to keep your emotions in check. Divorces cause a lot of heartaches, which in turn causes anger and resentment. When making decisions while angry you’re bound to act in a rash manner, which could negatively influence your case. Instead, trust in the guidance offered by your legal team. Your attorneys will provide an unbiased perspective based on the facts of your case. As a result, your chances of a successful outcome will be much greater.