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Digital visitation can make your time apart less difficult

It is common to see parents who have a lot of anxiety about being away from their children after a divorce, but they're also aware that they have to give up some of their time together so that the other parent has a chance to be present in their children's lives. As a parent who feels anxious when your child isn't at home, it can be hard to manage those feelings. The good news is that there is an option that could help.

Good communication is the key to relaxing when your child is away. Digital visitation is a possibility, even when your child is in the other parent's care. Here is how it could work.

Imagine if your spouse has your child from Monday through Friday, and then you have them from Saturday through Sunday. You want to have more time, but you don't have enough time for long visits and live far enough away that it isn't always worth the time you end up getting together. One option is to pursue a few hours of digital visitation during the week.

With digital visitation, you can use your cellphone, a computer, video games or other digital means to communicate with your child. You'll have a certain length of time to talk to one another with the digital schedule, too. For instance, you could have visitation from 5 to 6 p.m. before your child eats dinner, so that you can help them with homework over the webcam. Older children are already familiar with digital devices, which makes setting up digital visitation even easier.

The best part of digital visitation is its versatility. It doesn't take the place of seeing your child in real life, but it does help you interact with them regularly. You can play video games during your visitation time or participate in a three-way call with an instructor of a new language or activity you both want to try but don't have time for during your usual visitation schedule.

If you have to go on a business trip, your child can see where you are without actually having to travel the distance. Overall, it's a great way to see each other and keep in touch, even though it may be hard to see each other in person at the time.

Consider seeking digital visitation if you want to see your child more often. It can be a great addition to any visitation schedule.

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