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How to stay on the same financial page as your co-parent

Financial stress can be one of the most intimidating aspects of co-parenting in Florida. At the Law Office of Cheryl Bucker, we know that a lot of emotions can arise from a discussion of finances with your ex-spouse.

CNBC offers tips to minimize the financial stress you may experience after your divorce. This can help you to co-parent more effectively. 

1. Focus on the children

As parents, you and your ex-spouse both want what is best for your children. This is common ground that can provide a good basis for communication without getting into personal issues. Maintaining a focus on the children can help prevent the discussion from escalating into an argument.

2. Refer to the divorce decree

A well-crafted divorce decree often contains the solution to many of the financial issues that can arise between you and your ex-spouse. Check the decree to be sure you understand what it says, and use it to back up your position during a disagreement with your ex. 

3. Communicate consistently

You and your spouse should touch base regarding financial matters on a regular basis. Some former couples can handle this on a weekly basis, while a monthly schedule is more comfortable for others. How often you have the discussion is not as important as keeping it consistent. 

4. Leverage the power of technology

Tools are available on the web and for mobile devices to input financial data and communicate directly about expenses. This can help to keep both parents accountable and clear up any misunderstandings that may arise. 

When the focus is on the children and each parent has at least an idea of what to expect, these discussions can go much more smoothly. More information about child support and related financial issues is available on our website. 


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