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How joint custody can help a family

Divorcing Florida parents will have to figure out what kind of custody arrangements work best for them. While sole custody was a popular choice in the past, these days joint custody is considered to be the better option for all parties involved.

FindLaw states that new scientific studies have shown children of joint custody tend to have fewer behavioral problems when growing up. They tend to adopt better social behaviors and habits, get in less trouble in school, and have higher self-esteem. Studies suggest that both parents playing active roles in the child's life provides them with security and balance.

Joint custody does not always mean that the child has to spend an equal amount of time with both parents. It does, however, mean that both parents have an equal say in important life decisions for their child. This includes medical and health decisions, religious upbringing, and schooling choices.

Beyond that, parents who hold joint custody of their children also have to share the responsibility of disciplining their child. This prevents a bias from growing, as one parent won't hold all of the responsibility of being the "bad guy".

Very Well Family also examines some of the lesser known benefits, including cost-sharing on everyday items. When parents both share custody, the costs of raising a child are spread more evenly between both parties.

Matters of child custody can be complex, and joint custody is not an option that will always work for everyone. However, it can be beneficial to parties that it works out for.

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