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How can I make joint custody work?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2020 | Firm News |

Sharing custody of children is usually best for the family, as it allows kids to have strong bonds with both parents. That does not mean that shared custody is easy to navigate. In fact, many parents have a hard time coming to terms with child-rearing issues when custody is shared. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to make the process much simpler.

Make decisions without emotion

All decisions regarding child custody should be made with the best interests of your kids in mind. Your emotions regarding your former spouse really should not factor into the situation. For example, if your ex requests a certain schedule arrangement and you are capable of fulfilling it, do not refuse just to deprive them of what they want. Making concessions might also mean that your ex is flexible with you in the future.

Do not speak ill of your ex 

Either due to past transgressions or current events, ex-spouses often hold animosity towards each other. This animosity can seep into child-parent relationships if you routinely make bad statements about your ex in front of your kids. Keep problems between you and your ex and refrain from speaking poorly about them to your children. Remember, your children take a completely different view of the situation and are bound to be deeply offended by your words.

Communicate effectively

If you find it difficult to speak with your ex face to face, make use of modern technology. Communicating through email or text allows you to think out exactly what you would like to say, which prevents you from making angry statements. It also provides a record of your conversation that can be referred back to later. There are even apps you can use to develop and share schedules. When having discussions, try to keep them centered around your children.