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Managing job loss during divorce

On Behalf of | May 11, 2020 | Firm News |

Losing your job is difficult under any circumstances, but if you lose your job while you are also navigating a divorce, it may complicate matters even further. Similarly, if your ex is the one who lost his or her income and employment, this may, too, have a substantial impact on divorce proceedings, so it is important that you understand how.

According to Forbes, the ways in which job loss may impact your divorce case vary based on whether you or your ex were the one experiencing job loss.

If you lost your job

If you experienced job loss due to mass layoffs or something otherwise out of your control, you may be in a better position to seek alimony or child support than you might be otherwise. However, it is important that you make sincere efforts to obtain employment during this time. If you lost your job due to misconduct, you may have less bargaining power in this regard.

If your ex lost his or her job

If your ex is the one experiencing job loss, know that you may be able to make arrangements that are subject to change once he or she finds employment again. For example, you may be able to make alimony or other financial arrangements using a sliding scale or formula that may change once your ex finds employment.

If you were the one to lose your job, please in mind that this may not be the best time to change career paths. Instead, do your best to secure a job with a salary similar to that which you had before. You always have the option of changing careers after your divorce becomes final.