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What to include in a Florida parenting plan

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Child Custody |

Before Florida parents divorce, part of the process is coming up with a parenting plan to share custody of their children. One of the advantages of creating an effective parenting plan is that it will help parents tackle any disagreements and develop stronger communication between them. But what makes an effective parenting plan? What are the essential items to address in Florida parenting plan?

Parenting plan essentials

Some of the essentials of a strong parenting plan are the following:

  • A schedule for when the children will be with each parent (including a holiday and summer schedule)
  • How the parents will make important decisions about education, medical care, dental care, extracurriculars, travel and religious participation
  • How child custody exchanges will be made
  • How parents will communicate with each other
  • How children will communicate with one parent while staying with the other
  • How parents will handle conflicts about the parenting plan and parenting time schedule

When to modify a parenting plan

As your children grow older, you likely will need to modify your parenting plan. Many parents change their parenting plan when their child enters school or becomes a teenager. Some alter their parenting plan every couple years.

For a court-approved parenting plan modification, both parents must agree to the parenting plan changes. If not, the court will evaluate whether a job change, move or illness warrants a change to the parenting time schedule. You likely will need to work with a family law attorney to prepare for a formal parenting plan modification if you and your ex can’t to agree to one on your own.