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Three ways to emotionally help yourself during divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2021 | Divorce |

Many people think of divorce as an emotionally charged process in which both spouses fight it out over anything from custody arrangements to who gets the marital home. So it is natural if you dread what your own divorce will bring. Still, it is possible to preserve a positive emotional state and perhaps even improve your life in the process.

Consider different ways that can sustain and enhance your emotional health. According to Kiplinger, you have three different options open to you that may help carry you through your divorce.

Make financial goals

Not knowing what your post-divorce life may hold could terrify you, making you more anxious to hold on to anything you can in the upcoming settlement. Take time to understand your finances. Learn your expenses and how much you own in assets. Create a budget and craft your financial goals to meet your priorities. Knowing what you will need to sustain your lifestyle may alleviate some anxiety.

Additionally, do not consider your lifestyle set in stone. Be prepared to make changes if you need to. Tell yourself that you may need to put off a vacation or buy an older vehicle if it means you save money to compensate for losing income from your ex-spouse.

Consult a mental health professional

You may turn to your family and friends for guidance and support during your divorce. Still, they might not feel they can be totally honest with you about some things. You may also overtax your family with your problems. Consider talking to a neutral therapist or counselor. The expertise of a mental health professional may help you understand what you should do to emerge from the divorce in a happier state.

Improve your physical health

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle may also help you emotionally. Look for new ways to improve your physical health. You may try any of the following:

  • New exercises
  • Meditation
  • An improved sleeping schedule
  • Consume more water
  • Cut down on alcoholic drinks

Paying attention to exercise and dieting can help keep you from focusing so hard on your divorce. Becoming healthier may also benefit you by making you more productive at work or cutting down on emotional problems that would necessitate more time with a therapist. It could also help you think clearly, helping you to better envision a future life after your divorce is complete.