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How to ask your partner for a postnuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2022 | Alimony/Spousal Support, Divorce, Prenuptial Agreements |

It is difficult to mention the subject of a postnuptial agreement without causing your spouse to worry about divorce. After all, a postnup serves to protect specified rights and assets from standard proceedings in the event of a marital split.

Unlike a prenuptial agreement, a postnup is a document that spouses can sign after becoming married. The postnuptial agreement is the rarer form of the two, which may only be a greater cause of concern for your partner unless you approach the topic thoughtfully.

How a postnuptial agreement can benefit both spouses

When a couple views the concept of a postnuptial agreement with a healthy mindset, it can be something that brings peace of mind to both individuals and benefits the marriage overall. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that both parents have employment in 62 percent of married couples with children as of 2021. When both individuals have their own careers, finances and other personal assets, a postnuptial agreement can grant a sense of independence that one should feel even within a happy marriage.

How to talk to your partner about getting a postnuptial agreement

The logical benefits of a postnuptial agreement should certainly be part of the conversation, but it is not necessarily how the discussion should begin. Avoid leading with any mention of how you wish to protect your own business or well-being. Instead, find a sincere and selfless angle for expressing that you want your spouse to be able to maintain a consistent quality of life even if a divorce should occur.

The conversation around getting a postnuptial agreement is not an easy one to have. If your partner does agree, consider finding the right advocation for both individuals so that each side is fairly represented in the document.