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3 ways to help your child adjust to living in two homes

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | Divorce |

Adjusting to life during and after a divorce challenges the whole family. Your children especially might first find it difficult living in two separate homes.

Incorporating a few key changes into your life can help your children adjust to this new living arrangement.

1. Maintain consistency and routine.

One of the most important things you can do to help your child adjust to living in two households is to maintain consistency and routine. This means establishing regular schedules for meals, bedtimes and other activities. Both co-parents should ensure the child sticks to the routine as closely as possible in both homes.

Another way to help them feel more comfortable and connected is to have your child take their favorite belongings, such as a toy or blanket, with them when they move between homes.

2. Communicate openly and honestly.

It is important to remain honest with your child about the reasons for the divorce and to answer any questions they may have in an age-appropriate way. Encourage your child to express their feelings and be there to listen and provide support. You should also keep the lines of communication open with your ex-partner about your child’s needs and stay willing to work together to meet them.

3. Seek support for yourself and your child.

Transitioning to living in two homes can feel emotionally challenging for everyone involved. It is essential to seek support for yourself through therapy, a support group or talking with friends and family. You should also encourage your child to talk about their feelings and consider seeking support for them through counseling or therapy.

Your child can thrive in this new living arrangement with patience and understanding.