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Alimony/Spousal Support Archives

How does spousal support work in Florida?

Divorcing couples looking to determine what their post-marriage lives will look like are often concerned about how their assets will be divided and how much money will be left for them. The question of spousal support comes to mind, particularly in a high-asset divorce.

When one spouse wants to fight, but the other can’t afford it

Spouses may share resources in marriage, but they might not stay on a level playing field once the relationship turns sour. Such is often the case for couples that have widely differing incomes and for stay-at-home parents.

How does Florida law balance alimony?

While thinking about spousal support, many people worry about the amount of money that they may have to pay or receive. If a spouse must pay too much, divorce could destroy their financial health. If a spouse must receive too little, they would also suffer as bills pile up. How does the state determine the right amount?

New tax law could make Florida divorces more hostile in 2018

In the last few days of 2017, President Trump signed the tax reform bill into law. Florida residents are still trying to figure out exactly what the changes will do to their finances. If you are getting a divorce, however, you probably have extra concerns about this new policy.

Tax proposal would have major impact on spousal support

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan recently unveiled a much-anticipated tax reform proposal. The bill already has many supporters and detractors, divided mainly along partisan lines. While we have no interest in taking sides in this space, we do want to point out a section of the proposal that has so far received scant attention.

Finding the help you need for midlife divorce

In some ways, life after 50 can be the best time of all. People have defined careers that often result in not only monetary compensation but a sense of fulfillment as well. Many people in midlife are also more comfortable with their bodies and have settled on a style that suits them. Many folks over 50 are also nearing the end of their child-rearing adventures (or have already packed the kids off to college) and can look back with satisfaction on their family lives.

Spousal support issues for primary wage-earners

People can have many roles in a marriage. The roles that a person has in their marriage are among the things that can influence the outcome of a divorce. For example, in some marriages, if one individual serves as the primary wage-earner, he or she may have significant financial worries during a divorce. This includes worries about what will happen to their business or other assets. They may also  worry about how much of their income will actually end up going to the other spouse after their divorce. If these are concerns that you may have, contact the Law Office of Cheryl Bucker, P.A.

How does alimony affect your taxes?

If you have been ordered to pay alimony or the courts have decided that you will receive alimony, you might be wondering how it will affect your taxes. One of the things that separate alimony from child support is that the spouse receiving it will have to pay taxes on it. So, it follows that if one spouse is paying taxes on it, the spouse paying it can use it as a deduction.