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High Asset Divorce Archives

Divorce spikes in January, say researchers

After the excitement of the holidays from October through December, January can feel quite dull in comparison. Although Florida’s sun still shines brightly, this month may often seem like the darkest. In fact, researchers believe that the time of year has a lot to do with how you feel, including what you think about your relationship.

Why digital privacy is a must in any marriage

In marriage, many people expect to have no secrets between them and their spouse. The thought of sharing everything, including access to digital accounts and devices, may seem like the mark of a healthy relationship. Granting access to this information sometimes signifies trust. However, you might both benefit from maintaining a certain level of digital privacy.

Offshore accounts can afflict your divorce

The idea of an offshore account might remind you of infamous scandals and criminal activity, but storing money overseas isn’t illegal in itself. Instead, the trouble begins when the owner of a foreign account fails to report the money accurately to the IRS.

Is infidelity an automatic deal-breaker?

When a partner cheats, it can be a heartbreaking violation of trust. You loved your spouse and you thought they loved you back. Whether infidelity comes as a complete shock or your relationship was already on the rocks, it’s one of the most painful things a person can experience.

Should I wait to divorce until our kids grow up?

When you realize that your marriage isn’t working out, it can be scary to imagine all the changes a divorce could bring to your life. Not only would a divorce affect your future, but it could be hard on your children, too. You might contemplate “holding it together” to shelter your young children, but this could be a huge mistake.

A PI discusses the hiding of assets in divorce

In old, black-and-white movies, private investigators were chain-smoking tough guys who were quick with their fists and cynical observations about life. In real lives, private investigators are less glamorous and much less likely to use fisticuffs to get their jobs done.

How to protect your assets before divorce

Around the holidays, money tends to be on everyone’s mind. Between shopping for gifts, taking vacations, and budgeting for the new year, you may be thinking about how to manage your money. If you’re also going through a divorce, however, you probably have a whole new level of concern for your finances.

Financial experts: Cheap Florida divorce can be costly

There are online services that promise cheap, easy, fast Florida divorces. While do-it-yourself divorce might make sense for people in certain circumstances -- they have been married a short time and have few financial assets -- it can be disastrous for people who own property or have other significant assets.

How to handle co-parenting during the holidays after a divorce

Under the best of circumstances, the holidays are a pretty stressful time. There are family visits, trips, presents and big meals to plan for, as well as increased outside social obligations. Although some people get time off from work, that often means a heavier work load the week before and after a major holiday.

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