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High Asset Divorce Archives

Is fighting for the house truly worth it?

Divorcing spouses frequently consider the home to be at the core of asset division, especially because a house may have the highest value among a couple's possessions. However, the greatest motivation to fight for the house is often its sentimental value. At such a tumultuous or uncertain time in life, divorcees may wish to hold on to the security and familiarity of their house.

Divorcing with a disability poses unique questions

As with many things in life, Florida residents with disabilities may need to adapt the divorce process to suit their needs. The presence of a disability may or may not be part of the reason for divorcing a spouse, but it certainly impacts the outcome.

For wives, splitting money isn’t the same as it is for husbands

Gender roles within marriages have changed over the past few decades. Gone are the days of expecting wives to do the cleaning and child care while their husbands bring home the bacon. Despite major cultural shifts, however, many couples today still fall into old ways of managing marital finances.

Watch out for popular methods of keeping money from a spouse

Not every divorce is a bitter war, but the ones that are hold a lot at stake. Spouses may still have access to personal information and shared accounts during the early stages. If they are angry or worried about the money you both accumulated over the years, they have an opportunity to keep it away from you.

Healing through music: what’s your divorce playlist?

On this blog, we usually discuss critical legal topics like asset division and custody issues. However, there’s more to divorce than a quantifiable settlement or court order. This is also a time of high emotion, personal growth and a new phase in life.

D.I.Y. divorce is a trend that not every couple can pull off

Nearly every household in America has an internet connection these days, which means that information is more accessible than ever. If you need to install an appliance or fix a car, the first thing you might do is look up the instructions online. The do-it-yourself approach has helped many families save money over the years.

Survey shows 1 in 4 divorcees broke up due to housework

From a young age, many people begin imagining their ideal lifestyle. For some, the perfect life contains a passionate romance, successful career and spotless kitchen. Over the years, this optimistic expectation can turn into pressure. Couples can quickly grow dissatisfied with how the other person treats tasks in the home.

Are same-sex divorces any different from traditional divorces?

For a few years now, Americans in same-sex relationships have had the freedom to marry each other. As with traditional marriages, some couples may inevitably face a rift in their marriage. Over time, same-sex divorce could also become common.