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Posts tagged "High Asset Divorce"

What makes for a fair and equitable property settlement?

As you and your spouse go through the divorce process in Florida, your property settlement negotiations likely will play a huge part. You probably already know that Florida is a “fair and equitable” state, meaning that the property settlement agreement you and your spouse arrive at must, in fact, treat both of you fairly and equitably.

Why do divorce rates increase with subsequent marriages?

If your first marriage was not successful, will your second marriage stand a better chance? How about your third marriage? Some people believe that the first marriage is simply a ‘trial run’, and that the mistakes learned during the first marriage will help prevent the second marriage from failing. Statistics show the trend differently, however, as the number of couples filing for divorce increase in second and third marriages. The numbers show that while over half of all first marriages end in divorce, 67 percent of second marriages and 73 percent of third marriages are doomed for failure. What accounts for this increased divorce rate?

Is it time to put a forensic accountant on your legal team?

If you are half of a high-asset Florida couple contemplating divorce, it may have occurred to you that your spouse could be attempting to hide marital assets from you. Unfortunately, many greedy or vindictive spouses do this to enhance their own post-divorce financial position.

How divorced parents can help the kids have a fun Halloween

Every divorced couple handles their children’s Halloween schedules differently. Some couples take turns, alternating holidays every year. Some co-parents spend the evening together, just like old times. Others create new traditions, perhaps incorporating their newly blended families.

Millennials less likely to divorce than Baby Boomers

Millennials suffer from an infamous reputation of rejecting various activities and products in the U.S. However, studies of Millennials show trends that deserve analysis. They are the driving force of the country's culture. Because most people in this age group are in their 20s and 30s, many are old enough to cohabitate, marry or divorce.

Is fighting for the house truly worth it?

Divorcing spouses frequently consider the home to be at the core of asset division, especially because a house may have the highest value among a couple's possessions. However, the greatest motivation to fight for the house is often its sentimental value. At such a tumultuous or uncertain time in life, divorcees may wish to hold on to the security and familiarity of their house.