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Posts tagged "Child Custody"

Schedule-related concerns for doctors in divorces

Some professionals have fairly run-of-the-mill work schedules, while others do not. Doctors tend to fall into the latter category. Physicians can have a very demanding and unpredictable work schedule. This can raise special issues for a doctor when they are getting divorced.

How are child custody decisions made in Florida?

Child custody is one of the most important issues couples need to resolve during a divorce. When couples cannot come to an agreement on how to handle custody and parenting matters, a court has to step in and make a decision. One important point parents need to understand going into custody proceedings, though, is that the decision is not primarily about their own competing interests as it is in other aspects of divorce, such as property division.

When to relocate with your child

In some situations, a Florida parent who divorces their spouse and has primary custody of the child may feel like their current location is no longer right for them. Though issues of visitation rights make it difficult for a person to relocate for any reason at all, there are plenty of court-approved reasons for a parent and child to move elsewhere.