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Will Alimony Apply In Your Divorce?

Alimony is used to make sure parties are financially whole after a divorce. At the Law Office of Cheryl Bucker, P.A., in Pompano Beach, Florida, our attorneys represent clients who need legal assistance establishing, enforcing or modifying spousal support awards.

If you or a loved one has experienced a substantial change in circumstances, such as the loss of a job or a remarriage, you may petition the court for a modification of your alimony award. We represent clients who are seeking alimony as well as those who are expected or required to pay.

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Changes To Alimony Law

In July 2010, the Florida statute regarding alimony underwent significant changes. There is now a rebuttable presumption that:

  • A short-term marriage is one having a duration of less than seven years
  • A moderate-term marriage is one greater than seven but less than 17 years
  • A long-term marriage is one greater than 17 years

The law also provides guidelines for how long a party must be married in order to be entitled to long-term or permanent alimony. The new provisions also set up different types of alimony for parties who do not qualify for permanent alimony; however, the spouse’s needs and the other spouse’s ability to pay are still taken into consideration.

Permanent Alimony Under Florida Statute Section 61.08

Permanent alimony is only available to spouses who have been in a moderate-term or long-term marriage. It may be awarded to a spouse to provide him or her with the needs and necessities of life as they were established during the marriage.

Durational Alimony Under Florida Statute Section 61.08

The purpose of durational alimony is to provide a party with economic assistance for a set period of time following a marriage of short to moderate duration. The maximum amount of alimony that a spouse may be awarded is for the total number of years that he or she was married. For example, if a spouse was married for nine years, he or she may be entitled to a maximum of nine years of alimony.

Rehabilitative Alimony Under Florida Statute Section 61.08

This type of alimony is usually awarded when a spouse has been unemployed during the marriage and needs special training or education to become self-supporting. Durational alimony is usually limited to four years.

Bridge-The-Gap Alimony Under Florida Statute Section 61.08

This new type of support is awarded to help a spouse make the transition from being married to being single. It is designed to assist a spouse who has legitimate short-term needs and may not last more than two years.

Whether you need legal representation in your divorce to secure an award of alimony, or you need to modify your existing award, you can rely on the lawyers at the Law Office of Cheryl Bucker, P.A., for quality legal assistance.

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