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Survey shows 1 in 4 divorcees broke up due to housework

From a young age, many people begin imagining their ideal lifestyle. For some, the perfect life contains a passionate romance, successful career and spotless kitchen. Over the years, this optimistic expectation can turn into pressure. Couples can quickly grow dissatisfied with how the other person treats tasks in the home.

Household chores may seem too trivial to cause the end of a marriage, but they can. If you don’t think you can tolerate watching your partner leave one more dirty dish on the living room table, you are not alone. In a survey of newly divorced Americans, a fourth of participants said that housework-related arguments directly caused their divorce. Indeed, this issue is both common and powerful.

Emotionally prepare for divorce with these tips

Divorce is a very difficult and life-changing event that involves a series of major decisions. For example, you may have to decide whether or not to keep your house in Pompano Beach. You will have to make decisions about other marital property and choose what is worth fighting for and what you can let go of. Unfortunately, the trauma of divorce can make these decisions very difficult. Furthermore, your children may also be feeling the effects of the split.

While there is no way to totally avoid the emotional turmoil that comes with divorce, there are some things you can do to mitigate the effects. Follow these tips to emotionally prepare for your impending divorce.

A parent’s new romantic partner can complicate custody plans

After a divorce, many Florida parents don’t expect to stay single forever. Even if the marriage didn’t end because they fell in love with someone else, it could still happen during or soon after the split.

Romance can be a great step forward from a difficult marriage, but it can also have several implications for custody and visitation. The other parent might not be comfortable with their child spending time with a stranger. Even if one parent trusts someone new, this could introduce conflict. Keep in mind that custody issues revolve around the well-being of the child.

Are same-sex divorces any different from traditional divorces?

For a few years now, Americans in same-sex relationships have had the freedom to marry each other. As with traditional marriages, some couples may inevitably face a rift in their marriage. Over time, same-sex divorce could also become common.

Same-sex couples who are considering divorce may wonder what to expect. Although marriage is an equal opportunity, divorces might not be equal from couple to couple. This difference is not necessarily negative; it is simply because divorces vary depending on each unique situation.

Is a woman more likely to divorce after earning a promotion?

Some people believe that if they figure out what causes divorce, couples might have more successful marriages. Spouses may then be able to avoid or seek help for common factors of divorce, such as debt or infidelity.

What if one cause of divorce is a wife’s career success? Swedish researchers found that married women who reached the height of their fields in either politics or business were more likely to divorce their spouse within three years. Meanwhile, this fact was not true for the men in the study.

Splitting a 401(k) with your ex-spouse?

Saving for retirement takes a lifetime of hard work and diligent saving. It can be difficult to watch your former spouse gain a portion in divorce. In some situations, however, the value of a 401(k) might be easier to let go than other marital assets. For other couples, dividing a 401(k) is somewhat unavoidable.

In comparison to other assets, splitting a 401(k) can be very complicated. Regardless of what caused you to think about how to divide retirement funds, you and your former partner should know that there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about the process.

A trust within an estate plan can offer many kinds of benefits

Creating a last will or estate plan is one way to help solidify your final legacy after you're gone. You take the time to carefully assign your assets and possessions to loved ones, family members and even charities you support. The idea is to provide something of value to your loved ones, not to create an additional burden for them when you're gone.

The sooner you start planning, the better protected your family will be and the more developed your estate plan can become. For many people, trusts eventually become a critical part of an estate plan, especially if they have substantial assets.

The various forms of online harassment during divorce

Breakups can get ugly. Because there are so many emotions that surround the end of a relationship, some people might take matters to the extreme. In a divorce, you might be even more vulnerable to backlash from your former spouse.

In our modern era, it’s common for an ex to harass their previous partner online. Social media is a useful tool, but it can certainly turn into a weapon. When does personal disagreement become online harassment? It’s possible that you could face a number of actions that you believe are crossing the line.

Money may be a bigger battle for Generation X couples

A certain factoid has circulated discussion about divorce for a long time. You may have heard that money is supposedly the leading cause of divorce. Indeed, finances can be a key indicator of a couple’s relationship. In many cases, it isn’t that a couple breaks up due to a lack of wealth, but rather due to a lack of shared vision.

A poll from CompareCards found that age may have something to do with financial arguments. The survey sorted respondents by age categories: Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers. Gen Xers, comprised of people born between 1965 and 1980, reported that one in five participants argued about money within the last month.

How does Florida law balance alimony?

While thinking about spousal support, many people worry about the amount of money that they may have to pay or receive. If a spouse must pay too much, divorce could destroy their financial health. If a spouse must receive too little, they would also suffer as bills pile up. How does the state determine the right amount?

Florida’s alimony code sets forth a few basic guidelines. While divorce settlements can vary, a family law court relies on this model to ensure a fair agreement between both spouses.