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Divorcing with a disability poses unique questions

As with many things in life, Florida residents with disabilities may need to adapt the divorce process to suit their needs. The presence of a disability may or may not be part of the reason for divorcing a spouse, but it certainly impacts the outcome.

Divorce is never one-size-fits-all. Ability level will likely be one of many factors that changes how you and your spouse approach this process. In this post, we will discuss the key issues that pertain to disabled divorcees.

How do Florida courts determine fair child support?

The costs of raising a child always seem to be in flux. They grow out of every pair of pants they own over the mere span of a few months. They need fifty dollars for a field trip and another fifty for school supplies. They accidentally run over the family's cell phone data and rack up hundreds of dollars in texts.

Children are naturally expensive - it can't really be helped. "Traditional" families already have trouble keeping up with finances, but single and divorced parents face extra obstacles. Child support is a system that allows children to have the same resources they would have if their parents did not divorce. Courts have the tricky task of deciding how much financial support is necessary.

Summer is a good time to reevaluate child custody agreements

Even though we are heading into summer vacation, now is the best time for parents to look ahead to the new school year. This is especially important for parents who have a child custody agreement for their children. There are sometimes changes that need to be made to the agreement that are based on the needs of the children.

There are some specific points that you need to look at when deciding if the agreement will last through the upcoming school year. Taking these one at a time can make it easier to decide what to do.

For wives, splitting money isn’t the same as it is for husbands

Gender roles within marriages have changed over the past few decades. Gone are the days of expecting wives to do the cleaning and child care while their husbands bring home the bacon. Despite major cultural shifts, however, many couples today still fall into old ways of managing marital finances.

Every couple has the right to define their own relationship, including control over cash flow, but one study has found a thought-provoking trend among married heterosexual couples. Researchers learned that over half of surveyed wives entrust their husbands with most financial decisions.

Factor the cost of retirement into divorce negotiations

Over forty years, most Florida residents stockpile resources for the time when they will no longer be able to work. Once they reach retirement age, financial health seems to be set in stone for the rest of their life.

Unfortunately, no one knows exactly how much money they will need for a secure retirement. Along the way, saving enough funds can have unforeseen complications including major health issues, income shifts and divorce. Divorce can particularly shake-up those preparing for retirement.

Watch out for popular methods of keeping money from a spouse

Not every divorce is a bitter war, but the ones that are hold a lot at stake. Spouses may still have access to personal information and shared accounts during the early stages. If they are angry or worried about the money you both accumulated over the years, they have an opportunity to keep it away from you.

In no way do Florida courts encourage or reward this behavior. In fact, spouses who attempt to hide or destroy value could face a worse outcome. Despite the possible penalties, many people still try to hurt their former spouse financially.

Healing through music: what’s your divorce playlist?

On this blog, we usually discuss critical legal topics like asset division and custody issues. However, there’s more to divorce than a quantifiable settlement or court order. This is also a time of high emotion, personal growth and a new phase in life.

Whether you’re looking for a coping mechanism or a way to celebrate divorce, you might find music to be a major part of this journey. In fact, studies show that music strongly affects the mind. Depending on the song, listeners may feel calmer or more energized. Music therapy has even emerged from the idea that music can help people process difficult emotions and stress, such as what you may experience in divorce.

How to help kids live in harmony between homes

Once completing the divorce process, parents aren’t fully finished dealing with their former spouse. If they share custody, both parties will still need to have open communication to raise their children.

Moving between houses isn’t usually easy on children nor the adults. Split families might encounter a variety of issues, such as favoritism, forgetting items at the other house and the stress of adjusting to a new environment. However, the way that parents behave and cooperate with one another can have a profound effect on how the children deal with this difficult change. Every time you exchange turns with the kids, you have an opportunity to ease the transition.

Getting divorced? Be sure to update your estate plan

For many people, divorce is a complicated and long process. It is never as easy as simply signing divorce papers and moving on. For instance, if you own real estate or other property in Pompano Beach, you and your ex will probably spend endless hours determining the value of the property and how to fairly divide it.

If you have children, you will have to make certain decisions regarding custody, visitation schedules and how to effectively co-parent. However, once you make these decisions, there are still some lose ends you will need to tie up.

D.I.Y. divorce is a trend that not every couple can pull off

Nearly every household in America has an internet connection these days, which means that information is more accessible than ever. If you need to install an appliance or fix a car, the first thing you might do is look up the instructions online. The do-it-yourself approach has helped many families save money over the years.

However, some tasks in life might have a worse outcome without consulting a professional. Some types of car repairs, for example, are extremely unsafe to attempt unless you have the proper tools and expertise. Similarly, managing a divorce on your own could cause irreparable damage.