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How divorced parents can help the kids have a fun Halloween

Every divorced couple handles their children’s Halloween schedules differently. Some couples take turns, alternating holidays every year. Some co-parents spend the evening together, just like old times. Others create new traditions, perhaps incorporating their newly blended families.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Halloween, your evening will no doubt be quite different from how it was before the divorce. Even if your split took an emotional toll on the children, you can still help them have a fun, spooky and loving time.

When divorcing a business owner, watch for financial red flags

For many divorcing spouses, hidden assets are a legitimate concern. Whether to spite the other party or to shield themselves from financial loss, some people attempt to secretly withhold money throughout their divorce.

Although they could illegally hide assets in offshore accounts or undisclosed "gifts" to family members, spouses who own a small business might try to take advantage of their company. If you do not have the same access to the business as your spouse does, they may act on the opportunity to misrepresent its financial standing.

Creating a living will now helps protect you and your family

Far too many people put off comprehensive estate planning until they reach retirement age. For a significant number of people every year, that delay may prove to be too long. While life expectancy is generally in the seventies for most people in the United States, unexpected things can and do happen every day.

Accidents and sudden medical events can occur that leave you incredibly ill or even incapacitated and unable to communicate with other people. Take the time now to create not only a last will and estate plan, but also a living will that includes critical documents about your medical preferences and protects your wishes. It helps ensure your loved ones know what you need or want when you cannot speak for yourself.

Tips for handling money--including child support--with your ex

Money is easily one of the most contentious issues in a divorce. Whether you and your former spouse remain amicable or cannot stand each other, you may still disagree on money issues. Determining which party should cover which costs, how to split expenses and whether you should make a certain purchase are potentially controversial topics. Child support can cause many disagreements, too.

When making financial decisions with your former spouse, these are a few important tips that you can use to remain civil and make the decisions that are best for your children.

Millennials less likely to divorce than Baby Boomers

Millennials suffer from an infamous reputation of rejecting various activities and products in the U.S. However, studies of Millennials show trends that deserve analysis. They are the driving force of the country's culture. Because most people in this age group are in their 20s and 30s, many are old enough to cohabitate, marry or divorce.

According to a recent report, the overall divorce rate is falling, although older Americans continue to see a spike in gray divorces. This data suggests that younger adults are not divorcing as often as the generations before them.

Shielding your children in a contentious divorce

Any divorce is difficult for children to cope with. High-conflict divorces in particular can have particularly harsh emotional and psychological implications for children.

If you and your spouse are going through a contentious divorce, your primary concern is probably the wellbeing of your children. It is up to you to ensure that your kids are not caught in the middle. In this post, we will examine a few key ways to shield your children from the fallout of a combative split.

Can child support cover private school tuition?

The new school year is in full swing. If you and your partner are divorcing, you have more on your mind than just helping your child with their homework. You must create a custody and visitation schedule that works for you, your former spouse and your child. And you must contend with another often-contentious issue: Child support.

The cost of school supplies and other necessities add up quickly. If your child attends private school, you must also pay tuition fees. You may be wondering whether your child support agreement can include the cost of private-school tuition.

What can divorcing parents do to protect their kids’ educational future?

When parents are going through the divorce process, one of the big priorities they often have is to protect their children’s future.

Among the concerns parents may have regarding their children’s educational future is whether their kids will one day get a college degree or higher. A recent study suggests that children of divorce may have a lower likelihood of getting such a degree.

Can Florida divorce set you free from a spouse's debt?

Money is a common reason that couples find themselves headed toward divorce court. Far too few couples take the time to really determine if they have financial compatibility. This can lead to financial issues and surprises later in marriage. If one spouse has a spending issue, for example, it can place a lot of strain on a marriage.

When two spouses have different ideas about important life decisions, such as how to handle them and how much money to save, it can quickly cause problems in a marriage. If your spouse has trouble holding onto money, you may feel like it's time to start fresh.

Could divorces be “contagious?”

Plenty of studies, news articles and personal blog posts have attempted to understand the factors that influence the likelihood of divorce. Although the hypotheses and claims have varied widely, one factor might actually have some scientific merit: your friends.

One study linked having divorced friends to being 75 percent more likely to pursue a divorce in the future. However, many interesting factors may lurk within the data.