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Social Media Can – And Often Does – Affect Divorce

For many adults throughout Florida, social media is intertwined within their lives. No matter which platform you use or how often you engage in social media, it is important to understand how your online activity may impact your divorce case.

When helping our clients resolve a divorce, the Law Office of Cheryl Bucker, P.A., considers multiple factors that could play a role in each case. We can provide guidance for your online activity and communications during this sensitive time. Reach out to our experienced family law attorneys to begin forming a comprehensive divorce strategy.

Why Caution Is Necessary Online During Divorce

Our Florida divorce lawyers work vigilantly to identify risks in your case. Unfortunately, it is easy for divorcing spouses to overlook how powerful social media can be.

The dangers involved with social media use during divorce can include:

  • Loss of privacy: Other users may have a glimpse into private information about you and your case.
  • Security risks: If your former spouse has access to your accounts, they could read your private messages or send messages under your name. Your social media account may also connect to other accounts, such as your email account.
  • The potential to sabotage your own case: In a contentious divorce case, the other party may use your own photos or posts against you. For example, a photo of you holding a beer could open a debate about your ability to raise your child – even if you drink responsibly and infrequently.

You can certainly maintain an active online presence during the divorce process. However, it is advisable to take some time to fully prepare for divorce and continually monitor the information that you share. We can answer questions you have and give advice about how to protect yourself throughout the divorce process.

We Can Offer Ongoing Legal Counseling

To get the best results possible for your divorce, we strive to protect and inform you at each step of your case. Discuss strategies for your divorce with our legal team today. Call 954-773-8983, call toll-free at 888-392-5781 or email our office in Pompano Beach for a consultation.