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Attorneys Helping People Modify Their Court Judgment

Circumstances change. Jobs change. You may have to relocate or adjust child support payments. You may need to enforce an existing court order against your ex-spouse or partner for the release of assets or failure to pay child support or alimony. Whatever your circumstances, contact an experienced family law and divorce attorney.

Modifying Child Support And Child Custody

In addition to enforcement cases, we represent clients seeking a modification of an existing court order, which may involve:

  • Child support
  • Parenting plans and time sharing (custody and visitation)
  • Spousal support/maintenance/alimony
  • Relocations

Enforcement Of Existing Court Orders And Contempt

Enforcement is accomplished by having the court compel a person to do something that the court already ordered that person to do. In some cases, this may be signing a document that releases the title of a vehicle. In other cases, it may be asking for a contempt order when a parent owes child support or alimony and is behind on payments.

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