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Divorce Lawyers For Disputes Involving Characterization Of Marital Property

When a marriage ends, all marital property and debt need to be divided equitably amongst the parties. However, due to the factors considered by the court in determining equitable distribution, this does not always mean a 50-50 division of assets and debts. Before you can begin to divide marital property during a divorce, you need to know which assets are considered marital and which assets are considered nonmarital or premarital. Assets and debts characterized as separate or nonmarital property are not included in the marital estate and are not subject to division, unless there has been commingling of nonmarital and marital assets.

Concerned About Marital Property Division? Call An Experienced Divorce Team.

At the Law Office of Cheryl Bucker, P.A., in Pompano Beach, Florida, our attorneys are committed to protecting your rights and interests to ensure that you receive the property to which you are entitled. We will fiercely safeguard any assets that were acquired before your marriage, or that may require different treatment, which often includes:

  • Retirement investments: stocks, IRAs, retirement funds, bonds
  • Complex estates: inheritance, substantial assets, marital assets and liabilities
  • Real estate and investment property: vacation homes, mortgage payments, foreclosure sales, time-shares, partitions
  • Family businesses: business ownership valuation

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