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Lawyers For Temporary Support, Attorney’s Fees And Divorce Costs

During the time between separation and the finalization of your divorce, you and your spouse may decide not to live together, and depending on your respective income levels, temporary support may be necessary for child support, alimony or attorney fees and costs.

The divorce process can last a few months or several years. If you believe that your spouse owes you more than you are currently receiving in temporary spousal support, or you believe he or she should assist you in paying for your attorney, the lawyers at the Law Office of Cheryl Bucker, P.A., in Pompano Beach, Florida, can help. There is a lot of information that must be gathered and many costs that must be considered, including:

  • Forensic accounting fees: Our attorneys will investigate the intricate details of your spouse’s income to determine the appropriate amount of alimony and child support he or she should be paying.
  • Costs for mental health evaluations and other psychological evaluations: If your pending divorce or child custody case is a result of a mental health issue, we consult professionals who will determine the validity and severity of the situation.
  • Testing fees for drug and alcohol use or abuse: If your separation is related to drug or alcohol abuse or addiction, our lawyers are diligent in demanding testing for these issues.
  • Guardian ad Litem fees: If our attorneys are not representing you during your divorce, they are able to act on behalf of your child and advocate for what is in his or her best interest. As a guardian ad Litem, we will conduct a full investigation and prepare a report outlining the results of our investigation and recommendations.

We Will Properly Assess Your Situation

Our attorneys understand that the process to obtain temporary support often involves scrutinizing some of the most personal areas of your family’s life. We believe in taking a practical approach in our family law cases. Typically, emotions are running high, and we are determined to provide the utmost discretion while striving to protect what you value most.

Keeping your goals in mind, we work diligently to pursue a bright and successful future for you and your family.

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