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Do I Need A Divorce Attorney?

The internet has made many tasks more convenient. For example, you can now purchase your own flight tickets instead of visiting a travel agent. For people who are handy, online video tutorials can help them perform their own minor home improvements. There are even companies who provide legal documents, including divorce paperwork, for a fee that is less than what you can expect to pay an attorney. This begs the question, “Why do I need a divorce lawyer?” The simple answer is that an attorney is the only one who can ensure your divorce proceeding is carried out properly.

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Five Reasons Why Retaining Family Law Counsel Is Important

1. A lawyer knows the law: Self-evident, perhaps, but a divorce is still a legal proceeding. While you do not need to be an attorney to seek relief in the court, the court will not give you any special consideration if you are not licensed to practice law. At a minimum, this means coming prepared with all necessary legal documents, properly filled out according to the explicit rules set forth by the jurisdiction in which you are filing. A lawyer can help ensure that everything is in order so you do not find yourself on the court’s bad side before a proceeding has even begun.

2. An attorney can help shoulder the emotional burden: Even if your divorce is entirely amicable, it can still dredge up emotions that you may not have anticipated. Sadness, frustration, confusion and anger are all common feelings when your marriage has come to an end. A stressful mind state is not the best for making long-term decisions. An attorney can help take an objective approach and identify some issues that you may not have considered.

3. A lawyer can ensure a fair and equitable division or property: When it comes to dividing marital property, it is important to bear in mind that “equitable” is not the same as “equal”. A straight, 50-50 split is often the exception, not the rule. We can help with property valuations and ensure that you are receiving your fair share.

4. Protecting the best interests of your children: Custody determinations are the most contentious aspect of most divorce proceedings. The court will attempt to award custody based on what is in the “best interests of the child”. The factors used by the court may not be the factors that you would use. It is important to have an attorney on your side who can effectively state your case while keeping your child’s best interests in mind at all times.

5. It can be less expensive in the long-run: For most people, legal expenses are not cheap. That is why do-it-yourself documents are so appealing. However, a divorce proceeding involves substantial amounts of paperwork. A minor error or an innocent mistake can have major consequences, resulting in huge bills when you need to hire an attorney to help make things right. We can ensure your proceeding is done properly the first time, helping avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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