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Directing co-parenting towards being supportive

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2017 | Alimony/Spousal Support |

Co-parenting after splitting up can have many complexities for parents. The situation can be particularly complicated when both parents have since formed new relationships and brought stepparents into their child’s life. When navigating co-parenting situations in the midst of a complex web of family relationships, staying focused on being supportive of their child can be very important for a parent.

A recent photo out on the internet has gotten many people thinking  about co-parenting and the important supportive role parents and stepparents can play in a child’s life.

The photo, which was put up on Facebook earlier this month, has captured the hearts of many people out on the internet. The photo regards a young girl who has a dad, mom, stepdad and stepmom. In the photo, which was taken at the young girl’s soccer game, the girl’s two biological parents and two stepparents are next to the girl, with each of their shirts indicating their relationship with the girl.

The two couples have indicated that they focus on being supportive of the girl and each other. They gave some tips regarding co-parenting, including to set a good example for a child and to put aside differences.

What do you think are some of the best ways to help keep a co-parenting relationship focused on being supportive?

Now, sometimes, despite the best intentions of the parents, disputes arise in connection to co-parenting. Sometimes, such disputes rise to a legal level, such as disputes over the parenting plan. In such a situation, parents can go to family law attorneys for guidance on how to factor goals such as protecting their child’s best interests, being supportive of their child and maintaining a workable co-parenting relationship with their ex into their approach for trying to resolve the dispute.

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