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March 2019 Archives

Handling an estate when someone doesn't leave a last will

Serving as executor, administrator or trustee for the estate of a loved one requires a lot of work. Even in the best circumstances, this job is often fraught with emotional and legal complications. When you have to handle the estate of someone who did not leave a last will or estate plan behind, your job becomes that much more difficult.

Homes and mortgages in a divorce

When a couple in Florida makes the difficult decision to separate and eventually to get divorced, there can be a virtual onslaught of tough decisions to be made. One of these decisions can often be what to do with the marital home. It is not uncommon for one spouse, often the wife, to wish to keep and stay in the home. This is particularly common when young children are involved as parents want to maintain stability for their kids.

What do artists face when it comes time to divorce?

Florida artists who are getting a divorce face the complicated question of how to divide artwork that they have created during the marriage. According to the Huffington Post, the courts have ruled that artwork can be considered community or marital property. This means that artwork created by a professional artist is subject to the rules of division that govern marital property, which include inventorying assets, valuating them, and eventually dividing them between the spouses.

Understanding the gray divorce phenomenon

When people enter into the bonds of marriage, they vow to stay together ‘till death do us part.’ However, even after years of marriage, problems may occur that can cause a couple to part ways. Gray divorce is used to reference people who decide to separate after the age of 50-years-old, and the rates of this type of divorce are growing.

Mental illness and child custody

From domestic violence to financial challenges, there are many factors that can have an impact on how custody is awarded. In this write-up, our law office will examine some of the issues surrounding mental illness and child custody. Whether you are struggling with a mental disorder or the other parent of your kids has some type of mental problem, it is important to carefully take this matter into consideration if you are in the middle of a custody dispute (or if you believe that your ex is no longer able to provide your child with the care they need).

Digital visitation can make your time apart less difficult

It is common to see parents who have a lot of anxiety about being away from their children after a divorce, but they're also aware that they have to give up some of their time together so that the other parent has a chance to be present in their children's lives. As a parent who feels anxious when your child isn't at home, it can be hard to manage those feelings. The good news is that there is an option that could help.