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May 2018 Archives

Watch out for popular methods of keeping money from a spouse

Not every divorce is a bitter war, but the ones that are hold a lot at stake. Spouses may still have access to personal information and shared accounts during the early stages. If they are angry or worried about the money you both accumulated over the years, they have an opportunity to keep it away from you.

Healing through music: what’s your divorce playlist?

On this blog, we usually discuss critical legal topics like asset division and custody issues. However, there’s more to divorce than a quantifiable settlement or court order. This is also a time of high emotion, personal growth and a new phase in life.

Getting divorced? Be sure to update your estate plan

For many people, divorce is a complicated and long process. It is never as easy as simply signing divorce papers and moving on. For instance, if you own real estate or other property in Pompano Beach, you and your ex will probably spend endless hours determining the value of the property and how to fairly divide it.

D.I.Y. divorce is a trend that not every couple can pull off

Nearly every household in America has an internet connection these days, which means that information is more accessible than ever. If you need to install an appliance or fix a car, the first thing you might do is look up the instructions online. The do-it-yourself approach has helped many families save money over the years.