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May 2019 Archives

What you should know about child support modification

Once child support is written into a divorce settlement, it may seem as though it is set in stone. Yet, that is not the case. There are circumstances in life that may occur that requires a change in the amount of child support paid every month. Child support modification allows parents to alter the amount of child support ordered for several reasons. The income of the parent paying child support may change, making them unable to pay the court-ordered amount of child support. Whether parents become incarcerated, lose their job, get a promotion or demotion, the change in gross income could constitute a change in the child support amount.

Are your antiques worth as much as you think?

If you and your spouse are a high-asset Florida couple, you likely own some antiques. Or more to the point, you likely own several, or even quite a few, old objects that you believe are antiques and therefore valuable. Unfortunately, you may be wrong on both of those assumptions.

Case presented to Court to define embryos as people or property

Child custody matters in Pomano Beach can in general already be complicated; throw the advancements made in reproductive medicine into the mix and one could have the makings of an entirely new facet of family law. Recent years have seen an increase in the number of cases arguing for the rights of unused embryos harvested for the purpose of in-vitro fertilization. Many of these involve the argument as to whether or not these embryos should be considered children with a right to life or rather as marital property.