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February 2018 Archives

Money may be a bigger battle for Generation X couples

A certain factoid has circulated discussion about divorce for a long time. You may have heard that money is supposedly the leading cause of divorce. Indeed, finances can be a key indicator of a couple’s relationship. In many cases, it isn’t that a couple breaks up due to a lack of wealth, but rather due to a lack of shared vision.

How does Florida law balance alimony?

While thinking about spousal support, many people worry about the amount of money that they may have to pay or receive. If a spouse must pay too much, divorce could destroy their financial health. If a spouse must receive too little, they would also suffer as bills pile up. How does the state determine the right amount?

Divorce considerations for children with special needs

Parents of children with mental or physical disabilities know how proper care makes a difference in their lives. Patient teaching, therapy and careful management of the environment might help your child continue to learn and grow at their own pace.

Keeping kids happy while struggling with divorce: 3 tips

No parent wants to see their children suffer in any situation, let alone one that the parents decide to bring onto themselves. Divorces are difficult and can result in many negative feelings. These feelings can come out through screaming, arguments or negative discussions.