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March 2017 Archives

Schedule-related concerns for doctors in divorces

Some professionals have fairly run-of-the-mill work schedules, while others do not. Doctors tend to fall into the latter category. Physicians can have a very demanding and unpredictable work schedule. This can raise special issues for a doctor when they are getting divorced.

When child support enforcement issues come up in Florida

Among the family law issues that can come up after a divorce are enforcement issues. For example, allegations may arise that one of the parties to the divorce has failed to make payments required under a court order. This could include accusations of failing to make child support payments.  

How does alimony affect your taxes?

If you have been ordered to pay alimony or the courts have decided that you will receive alimony, you might be wondering how it will affect your taxes. One of the things that separate alimony from child support is that the spouse receiving it will have to pay taxes on it. So, it follows that if one spouse is paying taxes on it, the spouse paying it can use it as a deduction.

Responding to suspected squandering of marital assets

In a divorce, it is important for both parties to stick to fair tactics. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Sometimes, a party decides to resort to unfair behavior to try to better their position or hurt their spouse. For example, sometimes, a person will purposefully waste marital assets to try to reduce what their spouse will receive in the divorce.

How are child custody decisions made in Florida?

Child custody is one of the most important issues couples need to resolve during a divorce. When couples cannot come to an agreement on how to handle custody and parenting matters, a court has to step in and make a decision. One important point parents need to understand going into custody proceedings, though, is that the decision is not primarily about their own competing interests as it is in other aspects of divorce, such as property division.

When to relocate with your child

In some situations, a Florida parent who divorces their spouse and has primary custody of the child may feel like their current location is no longer right for them. Though issues of visitation rights make it difficult for a person to relocate for any reason at all, there are plenty of court-approved reasons for a parent and child to move elsewhere.

Learning how to successfully obtain any child support owed

Most spouses are embroiled in nasty divorce cases once relations have worsened beyond pair. In such situations, partners engage in several court battles with the sole purpose of retaining child custody. The child's wellbeing is the most important factor to consider, despite the constant bickering witnessed by feuding spouses. Once the dust has settled, and child custody has been awarded, parents need to develop a comprehensive plan that outlines child support mechanisms. In Florida, the law clearly stipulates that both parents need to be involved in the child support modification process to promote their wellbeing.