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May 2017 Archives

Spousal support issues for primary wage-earners

People can have many roles in a marriage. The roles that a person has in their marriage are among the things that can influence the outcome of a divorce. For example, in some marriages, if one individual serves as the primary wage-earner, he or she may have significant financial worries during a divorce. This includes worries about what will happen to their business or other assets. They may also  worry about how much of their income will actually end up going to the other spouse after their divorce. If these are concerns that you may have, contact the Law Office of Cheryl Bucker, P.A.

Why retirement is an important thing to think about in a divorce

Divorce is a major transition in a person's life. When getting divorced, it can be important to give some thought to another big life transition, one's future retirement. Specifically, it can be important to pay close attention to issues regarding retirement savings during and after a divorce.

Social media can make things harder during your divorce

For many, social media has become a primary means of connecting with others. In some cases, people use their social media accounts to maintain friendships, share special news and get advice or recommendations from people. Other people use it as a platform for venting frustrations and gossiping. If you fall into that second category and are going through a divorce, you should be very careful about what you are posting on social media. In some cases, it can and will be used against you during your divorce proceedings. You should speak with your attorney about how to act on social media.

Key details in real estate matters in a divorce

Property division in a divorce can involve a wide range of high-value assets. This includes real estate. Although the family home can raise significant property division issues, it is far from the only type of real estate a divorce can involve. Other types of real estate subject to property division in a divorce could include investment properties, such as rental properties, and vacation homes.