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March 2018 Archives

Are same-sex divorces any different from traditional divorces?

For a few years now, Americans in same-sex relationships have had the freedom to marry each other. As with traditional marriages, some couples may inevitably face a rift in their marriage. Over time, same-sex divorce could also become common.

Splitting a 401(k) with your ex-spouse?

Saving for retirement takes a lifetime of hard work and diligent saving. It can be difficult to watch your former spouse gain a portion in divorce. In some situations, however, the value of a 401(k) might be easier to let go than other marital assets. For other couples, dividing a 401(k) is somewhat unavoidable.

A trust within an estate plan can offer many kinds of benefits

Creating a last will or estate plan is one way to help solidify your final legacy after you're gone. You take the time to carefully assign your assets and possessions to loved ones, family members and even charities you support. The idea is to provide something of value to your loved ones, not to create an additional burden for them when you're gone.