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October 2018 Archives

Is the other parent interfering with your time?

When sharing custody or visitation with someone else, it is natural to be concerned with the fairness of your time with your children. Although individual Parenting Plans may vary, child custody and visitation orders set forth your rights as a parent. You deserve to enjoy this time as a family.

How divorced parents can help the kids have a fun Halloween

Every divorced couple handles their children’s Halloween schedules differently. Some couples take turns, alternating holidays every year. Some co-parents spend the evening together, just like old times. Others create new traditions, perhaps incorporating their newly blended families.

Creating a living will now helps protect you and your family

Far too many people put off comprehensive estate planning until they reach retirement age. For a significant number of people every year, that delay may prove to be too long. While life expectancy is generally in the seventies for most people in the United States, unexpected things can and do happen every day.