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September 2017 Archives

Attachment to "beautiful" property could backfire in divorce

Some events in life are traumatic no matter how strong you might be. Among the most difficult events: sustaining a major personal injury or illness, getting fired and the death of a close friend. However, all of those crises are lower on the Holmes-Rahe life stress scale than divorce. Only the death of a spouse ranks higher than the end of your marriage.

Finding the help you need for midlife divorce

In some ways, life after 50 can be the best time of all. People have defined careers that often result in not only monetary compensation but a sense of fulfillment as well. Many people in midlife are also more comfortable with their bodies and have settled on a style that suits them. Many folks over 50 are also nearing the end of their child-rearing adventures (or have already packed the kids off to college) and can look back with satisfaction on their family lives.

Dramatic shift over time in U.S. marriage rate

While the changes in the percentage of U.S. adults who are married might not be apparent from year to year, the incremental shifts add up over time. About half of all American adults are today married; down 9 percent from 25 years ago and down more than 20 percent since 1960.

In the aftermath: A storm-related loan could affect your divorce

While Pompano Beach was spared the worst of Hurricane Irma's wrath, we know that many others in Florida suffered great personal and financial losses. No one knows yet the full cost to state residents of the storm's destruction, but the IRS has already acted to make it easier for victims to get loans and hardship distributions from 401(k)s and other employer-sponsored retirement plans.

The process of valuing and dividing unusual assets

Getting divorced often involves some difficult decisions. You and your spouse need to determine how to divide your assets, the terms of custody and visitation, and proper amounts for child and even spousal support. For many couples, asset division can be a sticking point that leads to a protracted court battle.