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April 2017 Archives

Directing co-parenting towards being supportive

Co-parenting after splitting up can have many complexities for parents. The situation can be particularly complicated when both parents have since formed new relationships and brought stepparents into their child's life. When navigating co-parenting situations in the midst of a complex web of family relationships, staying focused on being supportive of their child can be very important for a parent.

Protecting one's financial best interests in a divorce

Divorce impacts a wide range of areas in a person's life. The arrangement that is reached when it comes to property division, alimony and other financial matters in a divorce could impact many things in the future, including a person's credit score, their ability to achieve their financial and life goals and even their retirement.

Avoid these 6 things during your divorce

Divorce can be complicated and messy, even later in life when the kids are grown and have families of their own. By this point, you and your husband have acquired some high-value assets, such as real estate, investment portfolios and retirement accounts. You have worked for years to build your wealth and now it is at risk because of your impending divorce.