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November 2017 Archives

How to protect your assets before divorce

Around the holidays, money tends to be on everyone’s mind. Between shopping for gifts, taking vacations, and budgeting for the new year, you may be thinking about how to manage your money. If you’re also going through a divorce, however, you probably have a whole new level of concern for your finances.

Financial experts: Cheap Florida divorce can be costly

There are online services that promise cheap, easy, fast Florida divorces. While do-it-yourself divorce might make sense for people in certain circumstances -- they have been married a short time and have few financial assets -- it can be disastrous for people who own property or have other significant assets.

How to handle co-parenting during the holidays after a divorce

Under the best of circumstances, the holidays are a pretty stressful time. There are family visits, trips, presents and big meals to plan for, as well as increased outside social obligations. Although some people get time off from work, that often means a heavier work load the week before and after a major holiday.

Money matters: Complications in gray divorce

As relationships change, concerns evolve. In the early stages of romance, couples often spend a lot of time deciding on which restaurants to visit, movies to see and when to introduce the new love interest to family. When an older couple becomes serious about a relationship, there are often additional issues to talk through that typically don't concern couples in their 20s or 30s.

Tax proposal would have major impact on spousal support

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan recently unveiled a much-anticipated tax reform proposal. The bill already has many supporters and detractors, divided mainly along partisan lines. While we have no interest in taking sides in this space, we do want to point out a section of the proposal that has so far received scant attention.