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June 2018 Archives

Signs that a child needs extra mental support through divorce

Sadly, some children and teens have an especially difficult time both during and after their parents separate. They may experience deep emotions of abandonment or worry for the future. Even if both parents love and care for their child, the transition itself could be overwhelming.

Divorcing with a disability poses unique questions

As with many things in life, Florida residents with disabilities may need to adapt the divorce process to suit their needs. The presence of a disability may or may not be part of the reason for divorcing a spouse, but it certainly impacts the outcome.

How do Florida courts determine fair child support?

The costs of raising a child always seem to be in flux. They grow out of every pair of pants they own over the mere span of a few months. They need fifty dollars for a field trip and another fifty for school supplies. They accidentally run over the family's cell phone data and rack up hundreds of dollars in texts.

Summer is a good time to reevaluate child custody agreements

Even though we are heading into summer vacation, now is the best time for parents to look ahead to the new school year. This is especially important for parents who have a child custody agreement for their children. There are sometimes changes that need to be made to the agreement that are based on the needs of the children.

For wives, splitting money isn’t the same as it is for husbands

Gender roles within marriages have changed over the past few decades. Gone are the days of expecting wives to do the cleaning and child care while their husbands bring home the bacon. Despite major cultural shifts, however, many couples today still fall into old ways of managing marital finances.