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June 2017 Archives

Legal recognition of tri-parenting has been growing in the U.S.

In recent times, the forms and structures families take have been getting more and more varied. This in turn, has led to some shifts within family law. One area within family law which has seen some notable movement in recent years is the number of legal parents a child can have.

Debt/credit issues important to consider when merging, or separating, finances

Among the things a marriage typically involves is a couple merging their finances. It is important for a couple to handle such an endeavor with great care. There are many issues that can be crucial for a newly married couple to carefully consider before deciding how to go about merging their finances.

How to determine if your spouse is hiding assets during divorce

Going through a divorce can become a protracted and frustrating process. It is difficult putting an official end to one of your most important relationships. If your former spouse is refusing to cooperate, that can make divorcing so much harder than it needs to be. If you have already separated or are estranged, there may be additional complications to your divorce. An estranged spouse may refuse to share critical financial information, which can complicate the process. After all, how can you work toward an equitable distribution of assets if you don't know what marital assets exist?

When one's spouse is uncooperative regarding financial info in a divorce

With all of the emotions and issues involved in a divorce, things have the potential to turn contentious. For example, a person could encounter uncooperativeness from their estranged spouse. One area in which a spouse could become uncooperative is in sharing financial information that only they have access to.