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Key details in real estate matters in a divorce

On Behalf of | May 4, 2017 | High Asset Divorce |

Property division in a divorce can involve a wide range of high-value assets. This includes real estate. Although the family home can raise significant property division issues, it is far from the only type of real estate a divorce can involve. Other types of real estate subject to property division in a divorce could include investment properties, such as rental properties, and vacation homes.

When it comes to any type of real estate in a divorce, some very important decisions can come up for a person regarding what approach to take in connection to the real estate in property division proceedings. Given the high-value nature of real estate, these decisions can have significant financial ramifications.

There are a range of details that can be important ones to factor in when making such decisions, including:

  • The value of the real estate in question.
  • If the real estate is an investment property, how much in income (such as rental income) the property brings in.
  • How much debt is still out in relation to the property.

So, having accurate information on these details can be critical for a divorcing individual when it comes to property division matters regarding real estate. Gathering such information can have complex and difficult aspects. So, this is among the things an individual may want a skilled attorney’s help with when it comes to real estate matters in a divorce.

Our Pompano Beach firm understands the unique concerns and issues that real estate division can raise in a divorce. Through drawing on our own knowledge and experience and reaching out to experts in relevant fields, we can help our divorce clients with the various important aspects of navigating divorce real estate matters, including property valuation.