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Property division issues for stay-at-home parents

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2017 | High Asset Divorce |

Stay-at-home parents can have some unique concerns when they are divorcing their spouse. These include special issues/concerns related to property division.

Here in Florida, property in a divorce is divided through equitable division. It is important to note that equitable doesn’t necessarily mean equal. Rather, courts are to divide property fairly. There are various factors Florida courts can look at when determining if deviating from an equal division of property in a divorce would be fair.

One of the things that raise special issues in property division matters for stay-at-home parents is what kinds of division factors could be likely to be at play in their divorce. Some of the factors Florida lists as ones to consider when determining what would be a fair division are ones that could be particularly likely to be present for a stay-at-home parent. These include:

  • A person’s career or education having been interrupted as a result of their role in the marriage.
  • Contributions a person made to their spouse’s career or education during the marriage.
  • Homemaking services provided during the marriage.
  • Contributions a person made to their children’s education and care during the marriage.
  • Other contributions made to the marriage.

How assets are ultimately divided in their divorce can have considerable impacts for a stay-at-home parent. This can especially be the case if the divorce is high-asset in nature.

So, what evidence a stay-at-home parent presents in property division matters regarding factors like those mentioned above can matter a lot for them. Stay-at-home parents can seek out guidance on evidence gathering and argument development related to property division from skilled divorce lawyers.