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Case presented to Court to define embryos as people or property

On Behalf of | May 13, 2019 | Firm News |

Child custody matters in Pomano Beach can in general already be complicated; throw the advancements made in reproductive medicine into the mix and one could have the makings of an entirely new facet of family law. Recent years have seen an increase in the number of cases arguing for the rights of unused embryos harvested for the purpose of in-vitro fertilization. Many of these involve the argument as to whether or not these embryos should be considered children with a right to life or rather as marital property.

A Connecticut man recently tried to make the case that the embryos he and his ex-wife has preserved for future use should be given the right to live by donating them to a couple also experiencing fertility issues. Initially, he and his ex-wife harvested multiple embryos in their attempt to conceive after their marriage in 2011. The remaining embryos were preserved should they want to try and have another child in the future. However, the pair agreed at the time that should they divorce, the embryos would be destroyed.

In presenting the case to the state’s Supreme Court, the man’s attorney recognized that currently that state has no legal definition as to the status of human embryos (and whether they are considered people or property). Such is the case with many states. As these cases continue to arise, one might assume that a set legal precedent will be established to help clear up any confusion. Until then, however, people are left only to present the merits of their own individual cases. Those hoping to mount a strong argument for their points of view might find an attorney to be a great source of support and assistance in doing so.