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Reports of child support arrears haunt congressional candidate

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2020 | Child Support |

With a divorce case in Pompano Beach often comes the obligation for continued financial support (either through the payment of alimony or child support). Such an obligation is typically only imposed where the court deems it necessary, thus confirming its need.

It is this need which adds the real teeth to divorce-related support enforcement. If and when one obligated to pay spousal or child support misses a payment, court officials take such arrears quite seriously. Enforcement measures may go as far as criminal charges, while in many cases, financial penalties and liens might result in order to prompt a resolution.

Congressional candidate scrutinized over child support arrears

Oftentimes the record of child support or alimony arrears may follow one around for several years, causing scrutiny to come upon them for such actions. Such is the current issue facing a congressional candidate in Utah, who came under fire for allegedly owing over $70,000 in missed child support payments. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the candidate claims that the arrears arose from a simple misunderstanding (he claims he paid his ex-wife directly, while the arrears represent missed payments owed to a third party). He points to the fact that his ex-wife settled with him over the matter as evidence of this claim. Yet his ex-wife states that was not the case, and that he did indeed miss payments. According to her, the settlement resulted simply from her desire to no longer have to deal with him.

Resolving unpaid spousal or child support

Given the implications that can come from missed child or spousal support payments, all involved likely want to ensure the resolution of such issues (either to secure the money owed or to absolve oneself of any potential wrongdoing). Such a resolution may be easier to come about with legal assistance.