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How to bring up the topic of a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2022 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Marriage is a commitment, but you might worry that bringing up a prenuptial is a sign that you are not as committed as your partner.

Prenuptial agreements are things of pragmatism and not necessarily an indicator of imminent divorce. If the thought of signing a prenuptial has crossed your mind, consider how best to raise the subject without causing a panic in your relationship.

Promote transparency

A prenuptial can be a tool for communicating one’s financial priorities and goals. In a similar vein, it helps to establish boundaries and allow each person to retain some individualism in the marriage to come. Approaching the conversation with this emphasis on transparency could be a great way to appeal to your partner the advantages of a prenuptial.

Plan your timing

Sooner is better in terms of softening the blow of discussing a prenuptial, preferably long before the topic of marriage is even brought to the table. The precise timing can vary depending on when your partner is most likely to be receptive to a difficult conversation. Allow for a situation that is conducive to a long conversation, as springing the idea on your partner in a hurried moment could lead to confusion or misunderstanding.

There is an underlying stigma that a prenuptial can cause psychological effects that may hinder a relationship in the long run. However, a prenuptial can also be an opportunity to strengthen each individual’s confidence in the relationship and their future. It starts with approaching the conversation reasonably and thoughtfully.